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Windows 7: Gadgets not working with UAC off.

01 December 2009
You've disabled UAC, and your gadgets have stopped working. Coincidence, I think not!
Fixing it requires you to add a small item into to your system registry.
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Windows 7: XP/Vista style "Show Desktop".

30 November 2009
You've probably just installed Windows 7, it's working wonderfully, but you're a little frustrated that your "Show Desktop" button is now on the far right.
You're probably using a laptop touchpad, another crazy input device, or you're just too adjusted to the old button positioning. :)

Ever heard of Windows Key + D?

I've stumbled upon a method to do this using a program which you can "pin to taskbar".

Download "ShowDesktop.exe".

If you're interested in the source code, click "Read More".
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HP Pavilion dv9820 downgrade.

11 January 2009
Okay so this week I decided it was time to give up Windows Vista.
For why may I downgrade?
It's pure and simple, Vista runs so many background processes, and uses graphical resources even when using the 'Classic' windows theme.
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