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Game Jolt Contest: Music Interpretation

30 August 2011
Game Jolt Contest: Music Interpretation

Game Jolt Contest: Music Interpretation

Proudly announcing a new contest over at Game Jolt. This one is just over a month long and is sponsored by Indie Function.

The theme this time around is "Music Interpretation" which is as open as you like.

For full details, see this thread on the Game Jolt forums.
n.b. I made the poster this time.
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Game Jolt Contest: Invention

18 January 2011
Game Jolt Contest: Invention

A new contest is being held over at Game Jolt. I've publicised the last few contests and jams there, and that doesn't change this time with a month-long contest being sponsored by NALGames.

The theme is "Invention", which leaves you with plenty of creative options. Secondly, there are prizes; hurrah! (So there's no excuse that you're too busy with TIGSource's Versus Compo!). The full details are over at the Game Jolt forums; here's a link to the contest thread.

A piece of art inspired by the "Invention" theme, if you can call it "art". I can just imagine a bunch of dinos running around inventing language, the wheel and other things that humanity takes for granted. What is it with me and dinosaurs?

Art: Invention
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