HP Pavilion dv9820 downgrade.

11 January 2009
Okay so this week I decided it was time to give up Windows Vista.
For why may I downgrade?
It's pure and simple, Vista runs so many background processes, and uses graphical resources even when using the 'Classic' windows theme.

Anyone who has installed XP before will know the process well; having probably done it many time over the 5 years before the release of Vista.
For those who don't know my machine, here are some of it's specs.
Processor: 	2.01GHz (AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-60)
RAM:		3072MB
HDD:		250GB (5400 rpm)
Graphics: 	NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS
Weight: 	3.6KG
Screen:		17" TFT WXGA+ High-Definition* BrightView Widescreen
I was concerned with the drivers that came pre-installed on my machine, and whether I'd be able to find them on the web before installing XP.
I visited the HP website and downloaded all ones I thought necessary.

With that on an external disk, I was ready to install XP.

*This is the 50 minutes where XP installs*.

XP finally running, and I plug in my external disk, and install the drivers. WAIT: They're not working? What's up?
Luckily I had another machine which I could browse the internet with.

I managed to find this webpage detailing the downgrade process of HP Pavilion dv9000 series'. I don't know how long it will stay online, so I'll rewrite it in easier words.

Hewlett Packard are not supporting Windows XP any longer, if you buy a new Hewlett Packard pre-installed with Vista Home Premium and you want XP back you cannot get the XP drivers from HP Support, however there are workarounds. I have just downgraded a DV6710 notebook by following these instructions I found on the HP forums (re-edited a bit for clarity). This should work for any dv6000 series notebook with an AMD / Nvidia chipset but I cannot guarantee it so make a drive image of your Vista installation first with Acronis preferably.

The dv6000 and dv9000 series are basically the same hardware, and all AMD models in the x7xx range should be fine with the XP drivers from those machines which are available on HP support; with that in mind I used the following method.

N.B. 32bit XP only! If you want 64 bit good luck with that!

1. Re-Install XP this starts from a new XP installation.

2. Chipset Drivers
        First install Nvidia Chipset Drivers, install first and reboot.
        If offered, choose the option to install ONLY the drivers.
        Drivers from -

2. Nvidia Video Drivers
        Next install Video Drivers from here - or


3. Wireless Drivers
        Select DRIVERS ONLY when installing.
        Drivers from here - or

4. Windows Updates.
        Next go to Windows Updates and install all the main updates only (87) when I did it last,
        Do not install "optional software" or "hardware" drivers yet.
        Windows Updates tutorial here (if you require it).


5. Audio Drivers
        This one is tricky its a 2 stage process.
        First you need Microsoft UAA (Universal Audio Architecture).
        Drivers from here -
        Download and Install

        Next you need Conextant Audio Drivers.
        Drivers from here -

        You cannot install this the normal way you have to use Device Manager as follows:-
        Unzip to a folder of your choice - remember where - then go to Start > Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager.

        Look down the list for "Audio Device on HD Bus", right click on it and select "update driver"

        When it asks to go online to find a driver - Click 'NO'

        Select "Install from a list or specific location"
        "Don't search I will choose the driver to install"

        In the list of common hardware types, scroll down and select Sound, Video, and Game controllers.

        Remove the check from "Show Compatible Hardware" and click on "Have Disk".

        Browse to the Driver Folder you unzipped and click on "WiSVHe5.inf" file.

        Ignore XPs complaint and select "Install Anyway"


        You should now have sound, graphics, wlan, lan.

The wireless switch will always appear to be off ie Amber, wireless will work regardless and there is a hack if you want it to turn blue in the HP forums.
This set up is not going to be perfect but it does get rid of Vista and allows you to run XP just without some of the trick hardware on the DV 6000 series machines.

I make no guarantee that this will work for your machine, you are held wholesome responsible for your actions.

What next?
I've installed the Windows XP 'Zune' Theme. For those that wonder, it's a digitally signed Microsoft one, so it requires NO third party software.
I've changed the Zune wallpaper to 'this' one.
So what's the end result?

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