Introducing Fluent Cutscenes

26 August 2009
Fluent Cutscenes

With my GameJolt Axiom contest entry going all too slowly, and still needing to create cutscenes successfully in Damon the Dinosaur, I decided that I could genericise my existing cutscene code so that I could use it in my Axiom entry, Inverse Polarity.

A while ago I wrote a short article titled "Fluent Animations and Effects for your next Slick game". I've extended this concept recently for the above reasons and have written a small library built on top of Fluent FX. It's aim is to simplify and code-lessen creating interactive cutscenes for your games.

Fluent Cutscenes demo
Fluent Cutscenes Jar
Fluent Cutscenes JavaDoc
Fluent Cutscenes Source Code

View the release thread on the Slick Forums
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